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War of the Equestria by Ziom05

Godly. The only word I can really think to describe this.
The attention to detail is mind boggling (how you included bristles on the bottom right pony's face and filigree on the lances) That you made all the crystal ponies earth ponies, since there are no (as of yet) unicorn or pegasi variants, the banners in the background and the lighting of practically everywhere, glinting of the castle, crystals and chitin is, well, Godly... you are The Artist.

However, as with all work, there are some complaints. Scene seems too crowded, not a fan of Chrytion's crown thin as it looks like it would fall of his head if it wasn't a part of his body XD (note: Chrysalis' was on the back of her head) and you can't tell clearly if the Sword/Mandible...things are his hooves or attached to his chest. Also not really a fan of the Dragon. It's cool, very cool, bad-ass even and I wish I had him as a pet, but It takes away from Sombra, drawing attention away from him. *small voice* maybe add a blue glow to the Changeling's eyes * squeak*

Aside from those incredibly minor grievances, Good Job! Have a pat on the back and all my money, if my computer accepted credit cards.
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